September 19, 2009

Week Two Roundup

They are known as the big four in England, the only teams (asides from a slip-up in 1995 when Blackburn was crowned champion) to have won the Premier League (mind you it started under that name in 1992). Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, are, perennially, the top four in England and thus always win qualification for the following year’s Champions League. While Spain’s league may not follow such a predictable trend, Barcelona and Real Madrid have often been widely considered in a league of their own. Valencia, however, has the talent to raise them above the rest of the Spanish competition and into said category. Bankruptcy issues still remain and do pose a threat to the stability of the organization but the former back-to-back Champions League finalists now seem ready to solidify themselves as a perinea member of the Spanish elite. While the season is still very young (and I am still not ruling out my pick to finish second, Atletico) Valencia has come out of the gates on fire.
Home to a striker that has become know as the one that got away from the “big clubs” and a very young talented midfield, supporters at the Mestilla should be in for an exciting, competitive season. As for the “big two,” both won comfortably on the road this past week. Sevilla, after a week one defeat to Valencia, recorded their first win while Villarreal and Atletico, two teams considered competitors for Europe, disappointingly drew at home. Deportivo remained on form after a well-fought loss in week one at Real Madrid to win at home against Malaga. With still plenty of football to be played, teams wanting to compete for a chance at the league title will need to quickly pick up their play before Barcelona and Madrid separate themselves permanently.

After Week Two the prediction standings look like this….

1. FFT: 12-8
2. EPM: 11-9 (3*)
3. LLTO: 11-9 (2*)

*El Partido Maravilloso is in second because of picking 3 scores perfectly versus the 2 from

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