August 29, 2009

Return of the King

Remember not too long ago when Burger King’s King mascot was intercepting passes and jumping into the stands at Lambeau Field? While that marketing campaign has since faded from the mainstream, the fast food empire has not finished using the King’s image for promotional purposes. I give you the new Getafe (La Liga) jersey for the upcoming 2009-2010 season.

Yes, you are seeing exactly what you think are….an image of The King’s face on the inside of the jersey, so, when you score and flip your jersey over your head to celebrate, you can become The King. Unbelievable? Well, in case that concept is too much to grasp, there are instructions.

Personally, I like the promotion. It is hard to criticize the creativity behind the idea; however, it brings up the question of how far will advertisers go to pitch their products? As long as KY doesn’t approach Cristiano Ronaldo to market during his celebrations, I think this will go down as a great promotional campaign.

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